Accessory After the Fact….

16 Jun

Stuart Hall has now admitted to sexual assaults after categorically denying it. Jimmy Saville got away with abusing children and this only came out after his death. There were professionals who were noted as saying they wondered which one he would take into his special room on the day. This might be a bit harsh but anyone who knew, had a suspicion or saw these children and this man should be charged as an accessory after the fact. There is no one that should be allowed to get away with having knowledge of something like this and be able to get away with it. When I first read about Saville’s tasks I was disgusted. When I found out that professionals knew or even had an inkling of what was going on I was physically ill. We can argue that it was a different time, we could argue that things were different then…what we cannot argue is that he was excused because he was a celebrity. Celebrity does not make someone exempt from the law. I cannot imagine that any of these professionals would be so nonchalant about things or even let it go without getting some sort of law enforcement investigation if any of these, were their children. Or, maybe they would, especially if there was a pay out??? I have no idea what is going on when I see things like this. It is so incredibly disheartening. It is heartbreaking, and it just fills me with a sadness that feels jagged and raw.

I want to know if these children are okay (as adults). I want to know that theyit aint good were able to develop positive attachments and healthy relationships. I want to know that their parents were able to support them enough where these experiences did not leave them with stains on their childhood that overshadowed any other goodness. I know this makes me seem naive but I’m sorry, hearing about adults taking advantage of a child’s innocence and trust with no regard to the blatant wrongness and disgusting nature of their behaviour is disturbing. I just hope beyond all that at least some (better, all) the victims of these two people are able to work through their feelings about these experiences and not let them darken the possibility of happiness and healthiness in the future.

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