What I have worked for….Rant Alert

05 Sep

shoutingI find it difficult when people threaten my professional future with ruin because they can’t get what they want from me. I find it just as unacceptable as a teenager who threatens to run away because they are told ‘no’. What kind of person does that?

Why has the child you gave birth to become my responsibility? You didn’t call to ask me whether or not you should have the child. So why are you allowed to blame me when you are fed up? How is it that I am working 8-10 hour days trying to help as many people as possible while you sit home doing nothing expecting me to run around looking for your child? Especially when you know where the child is? Especially when they show up to your home and you tell no one and do nothing to stop the child from leaving?

I have never wanted to be anything other than a Social Worker. I still don’t. I enjoy helping people. I’ve wanted to be a Social Worker since I was 16. I achieved that goal with great pride and continue to seek to help as many people as possible. However it is situations like the above that make me feel almost useless; like at any given moment one malicious person can take away over 18 years of hard work trying to become the best I could be.

It’s not like there’s a clued in reporter who is going to hear this parent’s story and ask what was she doing to find the child? Or why this parent didn’t try to stop the child from leaving after being missing for days when the child turned up to the home? Or why the police had not arrested the adult this child was with even when having all the adults details?

No it will be another social services failed again headline and there will be at least one sacrificial lamb. My job brings so much joy when I am able to help but reminds me daily of my undeniable mortality.

I will continue to fight the good fight but I will not be silent. I will continue to support and promote my profession. I will not allow myself to be abused or threatened.

To all the parents, unless you have been taken to court and had your parental rights terminated, your children are still your responsibility!

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