Holy Cheese and Crackers!!!

09 Sep

A post on says that Biblical scholar, Joseph Atwill, will be in London on the 19th October to present a controversial new discovery, namely that the entire story of Jesus was “fabricated.” As the daughter of a pentecostal pastor I should be outraged but I find myself completely in awe. I don’t know whether this is an attack on the church and I should be picking up biblical arms to ward off the evil or if this is the unveiling of an untruth that has been perpetuated for generations. Is it worth the uproar, or will it all be proven to be a hoax later?

Atwill is asserting that “Christianity did not begin as a religion, but a sophisticated government project.” Wow! The more I read, the more I can only exclaim.

The truth, for me, is that it doesn’t matter whether Jesus was a real person or not. What matters for me is that his messages, the lessons, and the standards that were outlined are still a valid blueprint for the way to live a righteous life. I know there will be many that protest the revelation of whatever proof Mr. Atwill may have, however, I don’t think it should create as much of an uproar as it has the potential to do in religious fundamental groups. What the church should be teaching is not the explicit following of one man, but the principles which these stories sought to teach. Teach us how to be good people. Teach us how to overcome obstacles. Give us anecdotes that will allow us some relief in our moments of trial. Isn’t that why the church exists? To offer comfort and guidance? Jesus does not have to be real in order to do that. Everything he taught are still key points in establishing a life worth living. That is my view and as usual I don’t speak for anyone but me. I am curious to find out just how much of a fuss this “evidence” creates.

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