Governance for Black America part 2 – National Black Caucus

19 Sep

In a previous post I mentioned a need for representation of the Black community on the local and national political stages.

Establish a national Black Caucus. I know there is a congressional caucus that is looking at the representing the interests of the African American community however, I am proposing an expansion or a separate entity. The remit would be calling our prominent figures that are doing things that are counterproductive to change, prosperity and/or progression within the community. We would manage public relations of national community issues – sending representatives to rally locals and improve media portrayal of the community. We would prepare local political candidates to represent the community and create local caucuses to help them address the issues prevalent in their own communities. It would be a coming together of local and national leaders.

To be more specific I think the remit of the caucus could be:

* making “community call outs” on any prominent figures – local, nationally, or internationally – who are doing or saying things that are counterproductive to change, prosperity and progression.
* manage image of the Black community in the media
* manage community issues before they become national statistics and fodder for stereotyping
* sending consultants to communities to help in times of crisis (public relations, organizing, creating strategic actions plans for change led by local leaders)
* sending consultants to communities where leaders appeal to the caucus for assistance
* training of local community on change management, building community resources, and training local “champions” to manage local political processes
* aiding in ensuring there is equal political representation and policing in communities where Black people dominate the population (to start)
* re establishing town hall meetings as a means of addressing local issues and manage them independently
* building of funds to fund community interventions
– financial drives: possibly local drives to address their own issues
– National drives: appeals to organizations and representation for national crisis fund

As I’ve said, we have all the talent and ability to unite and do better. Having a national voice is part of it but listening to local voices is the bulk of it. Let’s build on what we have to increase what we have.

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