Intergenerational Fight for Social Justice.

14 Oct

@RolandsMartin on @tvonetv was discussing the battle between millennials and elders in the struggle for social justice

There shouldn’t be a battle; what we need is understanding. Millenials need to understand that every situation doesn’t need a shoot now ask questions later mentality. I have said it before and I will say it again, where we go wrong is a lack of a coordinated strategic effort at every level – local, national and international. Protests are the age old way of being noticed, making your voice heard and getting the work out but there needs to be more done. There needs to be a political intervention on a massive scale. We need to call out racists and racist institutions that hold us to a negative standard but we also need to call out our own for contributing to the problem through negative portrayals, blatant objectification and the way in which we relate to each other. As a millennial that has benefitted from the wisdom, foresight, pride and passion of elders, I can honestly say we have relied on them for too long to get things done. They should be respected, consulted and part of the solution however action needs to happen with an agenda of only improving overall outcomes – socially, economically and politically.

Elders need to understand that we have been listening to you talk for too long. I respect the NAACP. I respect the NCNW. I respect Jessie Jackson. I respect Al Sharpton. I respect the Congressional Black Caucus but I often question their impact. We are dealing with the same issues. We are fighting the same battles. We are demanding the same things. WHY??? Wars are timeless unfortunately. But some battles should have been won by now. I love the encouragement of the community and young people doing well, but how are the messages from the many conferences, summits and seminars being delivered to those living the lives steeped in social obscurity that you are discussing. I understand the politically some conversations have to happen out of the public domain but how are you measuring effectiveness? Surely not by impact?

#FergusonOctober we need strategic action from those bold enough to accept the challenge and brash enough to see it through to the end using intellect and targeted movements throughout our communities ~Governance for Black America

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