Chicken Soup Sunday – Commitment

09 Nov

How am I feeling today? I’m not sure to be honest. The sun is out and shining through my living room window as I write and do laundry. I have had a productive weekend I suppose, in that I was able to tick a few things off my to do list. There is however, the lingering effects of disagreements at work. There is also a lingering satisfaction that I have been able to recognize I need help and seek it out. It’s strange sometimes to have these internal conversations with myself about myself but they help. They contribute to a self-awareness that has, in the past, kept me from focusing too long on the potential of a situation instead of seeing it for what it is and moving on.

I want to open the blinds, stare outside across the road at the people going into the supermarket to shop. I want to watch their faces and body language for the stories they tell. I don’t because opening my blinds means I am unable to see the television but I like that I am back to wanting to engage with the world, even from a distance. For a while there, retreat was my only course of action – or so I felt. I am not in the best of places but I am getting better.

How am I feeling today? I want that to be a question people ask themselves daily; a platform for honesty and permission to be a little selfish. It will be something I will ask myself each morning. It is my commitment to myself so I can keep my commitments to others. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Happy Sunday!

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