Who’s that Girl??

Would you want you as a Social Worker? I don’t think this is something we ask ourselves very often but it is a critical question to consider. Do you treat people the way you would want to be treated if you needed help?

Think about the last conversation you had with a client. If someone spoke to you that way, how would you react? Would you accept help from that person?

A good Social Work practitioner reflects, questions, analyzes and challenges themselves and everything in their world to make them better practitioners. It is only through learning about ourselves can we better understand the world around us and better help those we serve.

It is my sincere desire that if you are a Social Worker following or reading this blog, the posts will help you reflect and question your own practice. I hope the information and experiences I share are helpful to you in your practice and I want you to be inspired to share good practice, information or updates in Social Work and think critically about social issues.

If you aren’t a Social Worker, I hope this blog helps you to think about the world a bit differently and understand Social Work a bit better. I am sharing my views, my opinions, my experiences but this is in no way a reflection of the entire Social Work population. We all come from varied backgrounds and varied experiences. It is through sharing and reflection that we learn and grow.

Please feel free to share and comment. I look forward to introducing you all to my practice.

As the title says, I am an American Social Worker living and working in London. I have both a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Social Work which means I have practiced from both a generalist (generic) and clinical perspective.

I have been both a frontline practitioner and a manager. I am now a Quality Assurance Coordinator for a social program helping children and families. I have figured out that I have a love of writing policy, strategies, practice guidance and helping new Social Workers develop. I am also a practice educator (field instructor) for Social Work students.

My background is working predominantly with children and families. However, I have also worked with HIV/AIDS infected and affected individuals with complex needs and substances abusers. I have worked in hospitals, community programs, foster care prevention programs, child welfare, foster care and in the court arena.


Please share your thoughts and ideas

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