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Is This the Best We’ve Got


Ben Carson, renowned neurosurgeon Black republican and questionable character. This highly educated man with great potential for influence decides he doesn’t believe in evolution, which is fine, to each his own. His reasoning leaves much to be desired by those of us, well, those of us capable of independent thought.

Darrell Lucus, blogger for Liberal America reported:

Carson says that as a neurosurgeon who has spent most of his life studying the human brain, he believes the brain is too complex to have simply evolved. He also doubts that our eyes could have evolved, since none of its parts can function without the others. For an eyeball to have evolved, Carson says, “according to their scheme, boom, it had to just occur overnight.”

You know what, he is entitled to his opinion. I believe in freedom of speech.

The article goes on to say

To his mind, “if you have an intelligent creator, what he does is give his creatures the ability to adapt to the environment so he doesn’t have to start over every fifty years creating all over again.”

This is the antiquated view that religion and science are enemies. As a Christian I have a piece of information and a query, for fundamentalists. First a piece of information that may be astounding, Jesus wasn’t a Christian. I’m just leaving that there. My query is, how can you believe that God can do anything but you don’t believe that he gave man the capacity to do anything even if he shouldn’t (in someone’s opinion)? We are given the ability to choose.

The last thing I am going to say is Mr Carson says we have an intelligent creator who gave us the ability to adapt to the environment. Well, what is evolution but phased or gradual adaptation?

I’m just saying.

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